Monday, September 20, 2010


            Back to work. After this past week, I’m going to have to figure out how to function. The meetings were long and I had a lot of trouble getting a grip on things because I’ve never had to deal with business issues. I’ve been an actor, a server, and a personal trainer. Pretty much the bottom of the business ladder where I simply did as I was told. Aside from being on a few councils or clubs in high school, I’ve never really been through a process like this. And I was foolish enough to offer to take notes!

            For the San Diegans (at least the new staff members), we were kind of in the dark. We had been officially on staff for a little over a week. Neither of us really had any idea of what the old system was so helping with the transition to the new was kind of beyond us. I remember looking over at Amber several times while taking notes and simply saying, “What?” with a desperate lost look on my face. But we did learn a lot and now have a better idea of the organization and everyone’s job.

            Holly, Amber, and I stayed with a girl named Megan. I have to say that she is probably one of the most interesting, level-headed, inspiring people I’ve met. It’s people like that who remind me that there is a harmony about things and that we are all living for something more. We stayed at Megan’s parent’s house. Their house was in a little town called Seabeck. It was such a beautiful spot. It reminded me so much of the Smokey Mountains. Amber was especially happy about the huckleberries on the property. And we are all glad to find that she isn’t allergic to them.

            Each day on our way to the conference, we passed a lake with the mountains in the background. I loved seeing the fog lifting out of the trees. And it rained for two days. One of those slow, steady, calming rains. Ah… I think I left half of my heart in Seabeck.

By the time I we left I had a better understanding of COTN, met a bunch of talented people with a heart for the Lord, heard so many incredible stories I couldn’t hold back the tears, and discovered a whole new family. I was welcomed into homes, given advice, cooked for, prayed for, and enjoyed the best kind of company.

As I sat drifting in and out of sleep on the plane ride home, I couldn’t help but think about how I didn’t really want to go back everything I had left in San Diego. Yes, I love it here, but right now there are just so many road blocks to being able to work full time with COTN. Trying to find a roommate, worrying about my dwindling paychecks, having to raise my support, get the relay up and running, starting boot camp, comforting my friend, and finding time to do it all at the same time.

God provides. If I learned anything at all this past week, it’s that God provides… in his own perfect timing.

When I made up my mind
And my heart along with that
To live not for myself
But yet for God, somebody said
Do you know what you are getting yourself into?
(Getting Into You) - Relient K 

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