Sunday, September 12, 2010


            I am currently flying over the California Mountains on my way to Seattle, WA for the COTN conference. I am excited to dive into everything we have planned for the upcoming year. I have missed being engaged in a class-like atmosphere. I sometimes miss college lecture halls… well… the classes I found exceptionally interesting. I have no doubt that my excitement might fizzle after 30+ hours of conference meetings and discussions. However, for the moment, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the thrill of being a part of something new.

This will be the first time I have ever been to Washington and Seattle is actually a place I’d like to live at some point in my life. Before moving to San Diego I had only been as far west as Hoover Dam. I have plenty of time to enjoy the Seattle airport since my flights got switched and now I’m on a direct flight to Seattle with no lay over. I will be arriving close to 3 hours early. Maybe I should have planned to do my blogging then.

From the information trickling down to me, I’m finding that the San Diego offices, despite having gone from 1 to 3 staff members less than 2 weeks ago, are holding their own. It seems that our vision and determination is not going unnoticed by the national office. There is something about this group coming from San Diego, notorious for being laid back, and the Flood church affiliated with us that is causing us to strike out like a boy in his youth being convinced of his invincibility.

The way I see it, Holly, Amber, and I have nothing left to lose. We are certainly not invincible, but we are not incapable either. And though there is fault and failure in human endeavors, there is only promise with the pursuit of an initiative pleasing to God. Why shouldn’t we be excited? Why shouldn’t we go gung-ho? If God is for us, who can be against us?

But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.” Take Courage – 1 Peter 3:14

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