Sunday, August 22, 2010


            Whew! Busy busy day! I was up until 2am last night finishing the posters for the Impact Launch at Flood. I arrived at Kearny Senior High School at 9am to set up the table. We had wanted to be really creative with our display, but decided to scale it down so that we could get the important information across to everyone as they were leaving the service. I think our biggest obstacle was trying to figure out how to get our display panel to withstand the wind. It’s a good thing Holly brought an extra table and we have a good sense of ingenuity.

            The whole point of the day was to get people interested in joining the COTN Impact Team. We were having a sign up for an informational meeting. The Impact Team will be people from the Flood church who want to offer service to COTN. The COTN Impact Team will help plan and man our events, keep us plugged into the community, and get the opportunity to go on Venture Trips.

            After the end of the second service once we cleaned everything up for the afternoon, I went directly to National City to help a friend move. This is the third time I’ve helped someone move. There was a group of people from my Flood community group who had come to help. I continue to be blown away by how willing these people are to help each other out. We really are a family. I only had about an hour to help, but there was no way I was going to skip on helping. This is the kind of work I live for. Within 45min we had everything off the moving trunk and into the new apartment.

            Then I had to jump in the car and get to a track workout. As soon as that ended, I was home to get a shower and was on my way back to Kearny High for the evening services.

            When I arrived I passed a friend of mine who was working security. We talked for a few moments and I recounted to him how God has been working in my life in the past few weeks and how my life is taking a whole new direction. I told him that God could not possibly be any clearer unless he slapped me in the face. To which he replied, “That’s funny, because God told me I should slap you in the face.” I laughed, and no, he didn’t actually slap me, but he did sign up for the Impact Team.

            We had a better turn out for the evening services. There was even one girl who I had met during our Wednesday night all-church meeting who came and signed her and her friend. They had mentioned Wednesday that they wanted to get involved in more service projects, so I told them about the Impact launch. God has all these hidden pieces of our lives that he reveals to us in perfect timing.

            I am sure glad to be going to bed. I hope all my days are as full and productive as this.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. – Galatians 6:10

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