Sunday, November 7, 2010


These past few weeks have been packed full. Finally finishing my first full month back at the gym trying to get everything back on track, plugging away at the Ripple Relay, preparing for Flood events, and working, reworking, and recreating a marketing video.

I have been up until anywhere between 2-4am working on a video for our Ripple Relay. I remember this is the very reason why I didn’t go into commercial art or IT. As much as I love doing it, after the third time of trashing a completed video to start over with corrections, (after 8-10 hours at my other job) it’s enough to stress anyone out. But, thankfully, we all came to an agreement on the video and all the tweaks and bugs were hammered out. It turned out rather nice. I do miss some of the emotion of the other videos, but that is something I’ve learned to take with a grain of salt because I realize that everyone interprets differently and everyone has different emotional connectors.

Ripple Relay from AngelaM on Vimeo.

I’m hoping we can reach a lot of people quickly with this video. We are currently far below our intended registered participants. With the cost of renting the park ground and shelter, we might not even make money off this event. It sits like a rock on my stomach. If this fails than I am 0 for 2, since the 5K fell through. I really start to worry about how qualified I actually am for this position. Great ideas are only great if they can become reality. 12 miles is becoming a longer and longer distance in my head and it is leaving us miles from being funded.

I think “courage” is my biggest focus right now.

Some updates are that we secured an office in Sorrento Valley. It is currently unfinished, so we are looking for a contractor to help us build a wall, install carpeting, put in a small kitchen/dinette, and maybe a few small wiring things. The owner of the building is extremely kind and gracious to us. I am hoping that this is a great place for us to grow and thrive.

We got our coffee in from the DR and I already know that I’m gifting a pound of it to someone for Christmas. We are also selling trees and wreathes for Christmas. If you’re in the San Diego area and are interested in a tree or wreath, you can email me ( or talk to one of our impact team members.

We also have some great contacts at UCSD who are interested in starting up a COTN club on campus. We are so excited by their enthusiasm. I am amazed at how the San Diego office is continually blessed by the eagerness of people to get involved with the COTN organization. I often think about how much I hope that the other area offices find (if they haven’t already) a community who is spiritually on fire and tapped into a motivation of service.

Our end goal is to have many more churches and businesses in the San Diego area involved in COTN, but I am well aware of how much Flood has been our solid foundation even before an area office here was even a thought in Chris Clark’s head. Flood has been going to Malawi since 2002. I believe Chris and Matt’s friendship has been a key factor in COTN’s growth in the San Diego community. It is disappointing to go to my other church in PB and hear them speak of their involvement in mission work and yet though I offer my services to their media team and have presented them with two opportunities to be involved with COTN, they have not even returned my emails. Sometimes it is difficult for a church to expand beyond its own four walls or immediate congregation.

Passion cannot be drawn from an empty well and the spirit cannot fill it if it has been sealed closed. We all know by now that the handle of the door is on the inside and it is up to us to open it. Some will put up a wall. Currently, the spirit is not moving COTN to defiance, but rather, to an open invitation. There is something significant about “letting the children come…

That is another amazing thing about joining this ministry. COTN has not chosen the location of the area offices… the areas have chosen COTN. I remember Chris being very particular in conversations about expansion while we were at the conference in Silverdale. We are not an imposing organization. We are not strategizing where our next area office is going to be. We are an infectious organization that goes where the spirit moves and develops us. Thinking about it, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. Each and every person who has come to work for COTN has his or her own incredible story. I wouldn’t want someone to work for COTN just for the sake of having a job. The passion people in this organization have for the organization is what I believe makes us so powerful and progressive.

Be humble in the presence of God's mighty power, and he will honor you when the time comes. 7God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him. – 1 Peter 5:6-7

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